Công ty tổ chức sự kiện Flash - Tổ chức sự kiện chuyên nghiệp TPHCM

Công ty tổ chức sự kiện TPHCM FLASH, FLASH với thế mạnh am hiểu xu thế thị trường cùng kinh nghiệm dày dặn, chúng tôi cam kết mang đến dịch vụ chất lượng tốt nhất, phù hợp với nhiều mức ngân sách của các bạn

Three stunters on the top world from the US, France and Japan, along with part of the 10 competing athletes from South and North have devoted viewers spectacular fiery performances. One of the motorbike festival worthy performances in this year's most anticipated - Motul Stunt Fest 2015 - was officially opened this morning at the Phu Tho Stadium, Ho Chi Minh City. This is an annual activity organized Motul Vietnam to inspire the sports movement Stunt (performing risky vehicles) for large displacement motorcycles are quite new in Vietnam. The program this year has the theme "Chasing passion" was held with larger scale, more diversity in order to improve quality, to satisfy fans and bring this unique sport development day deeper in Vietnam.

At Motul Stunt Fest this year, in addition to a large gathering of young enthusiasts in North and South Stunt contest also has the participation of 03 Stunters on the top world, bringing dramatic performances, professional follow international level, including Aaron Twite (US) - Vietnam stunter have to perform during the Motul Stunt Fest 2014 in Hanoi and stunter first two participants: Hiroyuki Ogawa (Japan) and Sarah Lezito (France ).

Outside performance area also has many exciting activities, rich. Motul booth and sponsors, in addition to the games with attractive prizes, there is a picture photographed with 3D race viewer experience as being immersed in air at Sepang (Malaysia) - one of the world's greatest road race. The sports car enthusiasts will have the opportunity to admire the Motul Style World - The style motorcycles, which showcases the personality motorcycle accessories, models, motorsports apparel and unique impression, Car stalls and the custom-bike team sports cars of Assembly cult Saigon Vietnam Team.

Stunt Fest program is Motul Motul first annual co-financing with the Suzuki and Mountain Dew and the participating institutions exhibited at this year's festival include: Carmudi, Thien Nhan, Denso, STD Motorcycle.