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On the occasion of its 100th birthday, Samsonite introduced its new collections of suitcase, handbags together with 500,00VND- coupons and " Lucky draw" on 23th Oct 2014 at Tax Commercial Centre which is located at 135 Nguyen Hue Street, District, HCMC.
Sasonite- a brand for suatcases and handbags- was established in 1910. This was the time when Jesse Schwayder- the founder- began to manufacture suitcases for a segment of small and well- off customers. The first suitcases were manually produced and were durale to cope with the long journeys.

In 2010, Samsonite celebrated its 100th year of development with the achievement of becoming one of the leading brand for highly qualified, elegant- shaped, light and multi- internal function suitcases which meet the necessary demands of regular travellers.